Nils Halvard Lunde
Date of birth
February 8, 1961
Norwegian, English, Esperanto
Systems developer at Kongsberg Spacetec AS


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In addition to this chronological listing, I have written or participated in writing literally hundreds of internal reports, memos and design documents, mostly in English (and a few in Norwegian), but these are almost without exception company internal or have limited distribution, so they can NOT be listed here.

Lunde, N.H (presentation)
Hva nytt kan teknologi gi kunst og kultur. Talk at KNYT2000 (available at
Skog, K., Lunde, N.H. (paper and presentation)
Cartographic Modelling for Query-generated Maps. Paper (14 p) IT325/2-95, Scan GIS 95, Trondheim 12-14 June, 1995
Ø. Buvang, K.J. Grøttum, N.H. Lunde
Workshop Spatial indexing and rendering of geographical information. IT301/1-94. Presentasjon (145 s): A summary based upon notes and available presentation foils på NORUT IT, Forhåpningen 21 b, Tromsø 27-28 November 1994
Skog, K., Lunde, N.H., Hamnvik, R.
Ressurs Link; Tjenester og metoder i landsegmentet. Rapport (15 s) NORUT dok. IT4044/3-93
Lunde, N.H., Hamnvik, R.
Datamodell for marin trafikk- og ressursovervåkning. Rapport (11 s) NORUT dok. IT4044/6-93
Lunde, N.H., Brox, E., Kværnelv, H., VINN
An Extended Scenario Model for Electronic in Data Interchange Modelling. Rapport (24 s) (Vedlegg Bi SINTEFs ISBN registrerte rapport STF40 A93025) NORUT dok. IT1401/3-93
Lunde, N.H., Brox, E.
Modelling and Message Development Laboratory Communication. Sluttrapport (180 s) NORUT dok. 1404/2-93
Guneriussen, T., Johnsen, H., Sand, K., Lunde, N.H.
DEM Corrected ERS-1 SAR Data for Snow Monitoring. Rapport (17s) NORUT dok. IT2011/67-93/ISBN 82 7747-049-5
Buvang, Ø., Johansen, M.E., Lunde, N.H., Skog, K.
Forelesningsnotater fra en seminarserie om objektorientering (OO). Rapport (114 s) NORUT dok. IT1401.16/1-93/ISBN 82-7747019-3
Brox, E., Lunde, N.H., Yang, J., KITH
Prescription, contents and scenario. A note to CEN TC/251 from MD9. Rapport (12 s) NORUT dok.IT1401.07/1-93/ISBN 82-7747003-7
Guneriussen, T., Johnsen, H., Sand, K., Lunde, N.H.
ERS-1 for Snow Monitoring. Foils (21 s) Foredrag 3.SAR symposiun 3-5 nov 1993 i Gøteborg NORUT dok. IT2011/60-93
Guneriussen, T., Høgda, K.A., Sand, K., Lunde, N.H.
ERS-1 SAR for snow monitoring Proceeding. (3 s) IGAARS´93 Tokio 1993 NORUT dok. IT2011/47-93 Lunde, N.H., Dvergsdal, H. Data Definition Language Query Processor - Design and Implementation Norwegian Telecom Rapport, 131 p, September 1991
Hamnes, H., Solbakk, S.A, Henriksen, E., Finnseth, A., Steinbakk, L., Lunde, N.H.
Near Real Time AVHRR Production Chain at the Tromsø Satellite Station Proceedings from 5th AVHRR Data Users' Meeting, Tromsø Norway, June 1991 (ISBN 92-9110-003-X)
Lunde, N.H.,
TelSQL Test Plan and Methods FORUT Report IR0453, 36 p, October 1990
Hamnes, H., Henriksen, E., Lunde, N.H., Solbakk, S.
Providing Neccessary Infrastructure For the Operational Use of Remote Sensing: Catalogue, Ordering, Production and Delivery Facilities Article in IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Vol. 28, No. 4, July 1990 (3 s) FORUT dok. IT5015/63-91 (ISSN 0196-2892)
Hamnes, H., Henriksen, E., Lunde, N.H., Solbakk, S.
The Norwegian Earth Observation Catalogue and Order Handling System - An integrated Production Chain available through a data Network, Paper on IGARSS `90 Conference, Washington D.C., FORUT 5015/42, May 1990
Lunde, N.H.
Transformer Generator Implementation in TELSTØTT, FORUT Report R0363, 149 p, December 1989
Hamnes, H., Henriksen, E., Lunde, N.H., Solbakk, S.A.
Catalogue and Order Handling System for Satellite Data Products, FORUT Report R0349, 75 p, September 1989
Lunde, N.H.
Transformer Design in TELSTØTT, FORUT Report R0335, 44 p, 1989
Lunde, N.H.
SQL parser and generator in Quintus Prolog, FORUT Report R0324, 58 p, 1989
Hamnes, H., Henriksen, E., Lunde, N.H., Solbakk, S.A.
Infrastructure - A necessity for operational use of remote sensing, Paper on IGARSS'89 conference, Vancouver, Canada, July 1989
Lunde, N.H.
System 12 O&M Data Model, FORUT Report IT5036/1, 1988
Lunde, N.H.
The 3-schema architecture RM applied to the support system interface l1 and to the Telecommunication Management Network TMN, STF14 F87008, 1987
Lunde, N.H.
Datamodell og grensesnitt for system 1240, STF14 F86060, Norwegian, 1987
Lunde, N.H.
Grensesnitt mellom System 12 og støttesystem - konseptuell studie, STF14 F86052, 1987
Lunde, N.H.
Integrasjon av heterogene systemer, Presentation on NIF course at Gol, Norway March 14, 1986, STF14 A86035, Norwegian, ISBN 82-595-4366-4, 1986
Dvergsdal, H., Lunde, N.H.
Version Handling in CAD/CAM Systems, STF14 A86005, ISBN 82-595-4161-0, 1986
Hauge, M., Lunde, N.H., Lunde
INFOBAS - Et informasjonshåndteringssystem for teknisk prosjektinformasjon, STF16 F85123, Norwegian, 1985
Børseth, H., Aas, G., Lunde, N.H., Østlyng, R., Skogstad, Ø.
Integrasjon av eksperiment- systemet, STF14 F85022, Norwegian, 1985
Frøseth, Aa., Hove, J.O., Lian, S., Lunde, N.H.
Multimedia dokument-arkitektur, STF14 F85016, Norwegian, 1985
Frøseth, Aa, Haug, J.O., Hvasshovd, S.O., Lunde, N.H.
Evaluation of INGRES and MIMER database management systems, STF14 A84024, ISBN 82-595-3587-4, 1985

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